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Techniques - Garden display stands - 1
View of stands under kitchen window
These stands were built to fit under the kitchen window when the other revolving stands became full and the owner needed more space,


It was decided to have revolving tables so that the trees could be turned as this area gets full sun in the afternoon and evening.

The router was set up so that it could cut a circle as shown on the right.

Cutting out the circles
View of stand after routing out circles

The circles have now been cut out to the right depth.

The wood is presently standing on uprights which belong to other stands unti the new ones are made.


The photo on the left is a close up of the area which has been cut out with the router.
lose up of cut out section

In this photo the routing has been completed and the revolving stands have just been put in place to check all sizes are correct.

The wood has been screwed in place whilst the routing was carried out, but will now be dismantled before final assembly.

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