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White pine refinement

The aim of our group is to refine our trees so that they look their best and can be exhibited at exhibitions if the owner wishes to do so. This section will cover some of the methods we use with Japanese white pines.

The tree in July 2003
The tree after refining in March 2005

The left photograph of the white pine shown above was taken July 2003, and the photograph on the right was taken twenty months later in march 2005, and this shows the refinement that two of our members have achieved in this short time.

The photo on the right shows another white pine which was inported into the UK in January 2005. The photo was taken March 2005.

It is intended to show the work done to this tree in the next few years regarding candle pruning. Check out the buttons below marked Candles 1 - 4

Note. Some photos of the techniques from other white pines may also be used on this page to explain the technique more clearly, but it will be stated when this is done.

Another white pine recently imported from Japan

This needs to be done every Spring, and in the UK this is usually the middle or end of May.
If we look first at this page we will see the normal growth of a candle, and photos have been taken over a period to show the growth. In this case there were five candles at this one position and as explained three were removed leaving three others. This may be reduced to two candles later.

These pines often have "flowers" which appear on the lower part of the candle and this causes problems as they have to be removed, and they can extend the length of the candle. There is no way to prevent this as they often appear after a tree has been repotted, and also appears when nothing has been done to the tree. Check out this page.



Tip. Pruning of the candles is very important and must be done every year at the right time. If this is not done the tree will still grow well, but as far as refinement is concerned this could set you back as much as 2 to 3 years to get back to where you would have been if correct pruning had been done.



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